St Winifred’s Church is located on Penywaun Housing Estate Penywaun, Aberdare opposite the main shopping centre and therefore at the heart of the community.

St Winifred’s recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008. It was built as a dual purpose church serving the local communities recreational as well as spiritual needs.

St Winifreds Penywaun

St Winifred’s Church Penywaun Aberdare was built and dedicated in 1958. In the Aberdare Leader on October 25th 1958 an article by Elizabeth Mear described it as a Dual-Purpose Church for the Penywaun Estate.

St Winifred’s Church Penywaun the church with a difference, catering for the recreational as well as the spiritual needs of a large community at this housing estate, it is now completed and will be dedicated by the Bishop of Llandaff , on November 25th 1958.

Situated near the shopping centre, against a picturesque background of trees and mountain, the church is quite unlike anything that has been seen in the district, and is one of three to have been completed in the Llandaff Diosese as part of a campaign to provide much needed facilities for social gatherings and activities, as well as a place of worship, in these heavily populated housing estates.

The only indication from the outside that the building is anything but a recreational hall is the small wooden cross which marks the front. Entering through the large double doors, the visitor has a pleasant surprise. The interior is painted throughout in delightful pastel shades of cream, blue and pink, and has diffused lighting coming in from an attractive lighting trough at the base of the curved roof.

Internal Appearance

What dominates the whole building is the dais at the far end, which provides the sanctuary, which is screened off by a heavy industrial type of screen when the hall is not being used for worship.


sactuary2008 Right is a picture of how the sanctuary appeared during the dedication service in 1958.The nine-foot altar was a gift  from one of the parishioners, is not of traditional style, but takes the form of a table. When the frontal is removed, as during the lenten season a large central panel is revealed, simply embossed with a cross.





Right is a picture of how the sanctuary  appears today. As you can see little has changed except for the painting of jesus on the cross which adorns the far wall.