The church is there for the big events in life.


If you live in the Parish of Hirwaun we are more than happy to arrange a service a baptism. Baptisms take place in any of our Sunday services. Please just pop along to one of them to find out details. We baptise people of all ages from babies to adults. We also baptise using traditional sprinkling of water and full immersion.

Service of thanksgiving

Baptism isn’t the only thing we do to celebrate the gift of a child. If you feel that for whatever reason Baptism is not something to you we also offer a service of thanksgiving. A service of thanksgiving can be arranged at any time and involves quite simply saying Thank You to God for a child. For more information speak to the Priest-in-Charge


Conformation is when a person wants to ‘Confirm’ their baptism promises before God. It is conducted by the Bishop who normally visits for a special service. Conformation classes run for all ages for Children aged year 5 in school and above. Speak to the Priest-in-Charge for more details.


The Church is a great place to get married. If you are thinking about a Church wedding or have any questions about getting married please speak to the Priest-in-Charge.


The Church is there for people at the happy times and the sad times. If you have lost a loved one and want to have a service for them in Church we would be more than happy to be by your side.