1. From what we can tell there is only one Church in the world dedicated to St Lleurwg.
  2. Lleurwg is pronounced ‘Thly-Roog’. Locally people call it ‘Llu-reg’ or ‘Ear-Wig’. Virtually everyone gets it wrong! It took the Priest 3 years to say it right! We don’t mind how you say it!
  3. Lleurwg is thought to be the Welsh name for ‘Lucias’ a second century English king who helped introduce Christianity to England.
  4. We don’t know if point 3 is true or legend!
  5. There are 2 Churches dedicated to St Winifred in the Cynon Valley
  6. St Winifred is a Welsh Saint from North Wales
  7. The man she was supposed to marry is said to have cut off her head when she told him she was going to be a nun
  8. The head is said to have ‘rolled down a hill’ to a place where a healing spring appeared.
  9. There her head and body re-joined together and Winifred was ok!
  10. We don’t know if points 7-9 are true or legend!
  11. St Lleurwg’s Hirwaun was opened in 1858
  12. There is a stained glass window in the Church that suggests St Lleurwg’s was opened in 1884 – it is wrong!
  13. St Winifred’s opened in 1958 to meet the needs of the new Penywaun community
  14. St Winifred’s was opened to serve both as a Church and a community building
  15. St Winifred’s used to be part of the neighbouring Parish of Aberdare St Fagan’s.
  16. St Lleurwg’s used to be part of the Parish of Aberdare, before the Parish of Hirwaun was formed.
  17. The Parish magazine ‘the Crucible’ has one of the largest circulations of any Church magazine in Wales. It is used to both share Church and community news.
  18. Hirwaun means ‘Long Meadow’ in Welsh
  19. Hirwaun is home to Tower Colliery, which the workers famously bought and operated using their redundancy money
  20. See point 25
  21. Penwyaun is a relatively new community, built mostly after the Second World War
  22. People from Hirwaun are often called ‘Brocks’
  23. People form Penywaun are often called Daps
  24. The Current Priest in Charge is from Merthyr, where they are known by an entirely different name!
  25. Hirwaun used to be famous for its 1960’s built tower blocks visible from the A465. They were knocked down in 2004
  26. Tom Jones sung in the Penywaun Working Men’s Club before he was famous
  27. See point 18
  28. The Parish sits in the South Wales Valleys, famous for their warmth and welcome
  29. We love our communities and passionately want to serve them.
  30. Above all we passionately love God and want to serve and worship Him.


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