In the Parish we offer a range of Worship and services to meet different Spiritual needs and tastes.

St Lleurwg’s


8am: Traditional Holy Communion

A straight said service of Holy Communion using the Church in Wales 2004 rite. There are no Hymns or music. The atmosphere is friendly, reflective and Spiritual. Lasting for 45 minutes it is a quite a peaceful way to start the day.

9.30am: Modern Holy Communion

A communion service with a mixture of ages and traditions, with modern worship songs and traditional hymns. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. Time is given for a sermon and a time of sung worship. Sunday Club meet in the Church hall, but join the rest of the Church for Communion. The service lasts for around 1 hour and 15 minutes, with tea and coffee in the Hall afterwards.


10.30am; Communion service

A traditional said midweek communion service, with a sermon and a hymn. The atmosphere is friendly and many of the congregation go to the local café afterwards for a catch up. The service lasts for 45 minutes. On the first Sunday of the month it doubles as the ‘Mothers Union’ Eucharist.

Monday-Friday: Morning Prayer

The Church is open at 9.15 on Monday to Friday for Morning Prayer. All are welcome and all prayer requests are prayed for.

St Winifred’s Penywaun


11am: Communion service

A relaxed said Communion service, in a friendly environment. There is a mixture of hymns and modern worship songs. The service lasts for 1 hour and is suitable for all ages.


1.30pm Communion a fellowship

A short communion service, sat around a table, in a warm environment. It is followed by a cuppa, cake and a chat. The service lasts a short time, but the talking can go on a long time! All are welcome!

Café Church

On the first Sunday of the month we have Café Church in both St Lleurwg’s and St Winifred’s. Meeting at 9.30am in St Lleurwg’s and 11am in St Winefred’s, Café Church is open to all ages. The Church is laid out like a café and we serve hot drinks and breakfast, before a time of worship.

Worship Evenings

Every other month we have a Worship evening in St Lleurwg’s Hirwaun. Please see the news section for more information.

Messy Church

Messy Church meets in both St Lleurwg’s and St Windefreds. Please see the news section for more information

Special times of the year

There are special services for special times of the year, not least Holy Week, Easter and Christmas. Please see the news section for more information.